[AMRadio] 6m AM and 2m AM Activity

Paul Sokoloff dogfaces at comcast.net
Tue Oct 4 11:24:04 EDT 2005

Hello all,
    I am a vhf uhf microwave operator in the Phila. area.  I have tried to
check into several 6M AM nets in Media, PA. and Washington, DC.  The people
in Media couldn't hear me (only 15 miles away).  I think Washington was too
far for AM ground wave.  The participants in these activities need to
realize that good antenna height is necessary when dealing with the reduced
signal to noise mode of AM.  This is not repeaters.  A vertical or 3 element
beam on the chimney will not work well for any kind of distance ( even 20
    I would like to see a 6 meter AM net or increased activity in the Philly
area.  I have been reluctant to do the 6 meter boatanchor thing until I see
more activity.  I got my start at 13 with a Utica 650 and then the Gonset
G-50.  Ah, what fun!

73s,  Paul  WA3GFZ

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> YOU (we) are the future of VHF AM.
> Stay with it.  There ARE many of us out here with 6m AM capability
> who just need a NUDGE to get on the air more often!
> I think if more of us talked it up on the internet there would be a ton
> more activity and maybe even start some new nets!
> I would be willing to get involved.
> Hailing DC, VA, MD, FLORIDA!!!
> CQ CQ CQ CQ 6m AM!!
> I will be on 50.4 MHz calling CQ and listening to your calls this weekend!
> 73s from AF4K, Brian
> On 3 Oct 2005 at 20:51, Allen Jones wrote:
> > Here in northwest Indiana there is very little 6M AM
> > activity.  This Spring I bought a very nice Ameco
> > TX-62 along with an Ameco CB-6 converter which I feed
> > into my Heathkit SB-301.  I have worked only two AM
> > stations within a 100 mile radius and some Es into the
> > East coast using 4 elements at 65'.
> >
> > I am less than 40 miles from Chicago and this area had
> > a tremendous amount of 6 and 2M AM activity in the
> > 60's and early 70's. The Heath factory was only 30
> > miles from here accounting for much of the activity in
> > SW lower Michigan.  I sometimes wonder what happened
> > to all those Gonsets, Heathkits, Clegg, Hallicrafters,
> > Johnson and others.  Are they sitting in a basement or
> > dusty garage or rusting away in a landfill.
> >
> > How may of you guys remember the Heath VHF-1 Seneca?
> > You could easily identify one from the carrier
> > controlled modulation.  I have a really nice one that
> > I plan to get going one of these days.  I also have a
> > Clegg 99er and a 66er.  Plenty of AM gear (SSB too)
> > but little AM activity sad to say.
> >
> > 73
> >
> > Allen, W9DZ
> >
> >
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