[AMRadio] FT102 and HDVL for 160

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 4 12:23:37 EDT 2005

Pete's got the links I would have recommended to you
on the modifications for the FT102, hope to hear yours
"done up" some day.

On the HDVL for 160, yeah Geoff, I wouldn't have
thought they existed, either. Is it printed on the
jackbar?  Often the stuff they used as a spacer
between the turns has failed, chemically. Combination
of the heat in an RF tank, and unstable polymers used
in plastic of the era.

I'd experiment with alternatives before committing a
nicely-wound coil to a given material. Some E-Pox-E
(brand name) seems to conduct at RF, or for some
reason heats up more than it ought to, which itself
can lead to problems.

Then there's stuff that just doesn't hold up against
thermal condx that a set of vacuum tubes would create.

I've had two brands of HDVL, Johnson and B&W, and
neither of their 80 and 40 meter examples did very
well 50 years after they were made. 

To repair, I drilled two rectangular pieces of
plexiglas to a slightly larger hole than the guage of
wire, and then used high-temperature glue at the
bottom and top edges, sandwiching the wire turns at
the correct spacing and holding them in place. The
plexiglas is cut to the length of the coil form (two
halves) on either side of the swinging link.

Hope helpful.


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