[AMRadio] 6M AM alive and well in Upstate SC

charles free mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 4 13:56:26 EDT 2005


In the Upstate of SC we have a group that meets every
Tuesday night at 8PMDST on 50.4Mc.  I regularly check
in from my QTH in Western NC. On a number of evenings,
band openings have lead to many DX contacts, some so
strong net participants had to QRT the net and move on
to work all the AM rolling in.

This net started as a local thing with 2 stations, and
was advertised by word of mouth and finally posted on
the SVHFS site in their net list. The regulars check
in with a variety of 6 meter gear including a couple
of the modern HF rigs with 6 meter AM capability. 
Sometimes it is a jump off spot to run down the
wavelenghts, everybody seeing how the ground wave is
doing from 10 to 75, and seeing who is around.

In order to insure success of a VHF net like this, it
is very important to not use a 6 meter FM vertical or
run your HF ant through a tuner when attempting to
keep something like this up. You want to get as much
RF out there as possible and be ready to swing that
beam all over the compass when stations are at all
azimuths and distances. When everybody can hear
everybody else, the situation is ideal, but when not,
you learn quickly why repeaters became a natural
progression in local VHF work.

It is a little more work to keep a local AM presence
going on VHF, compared to HF, since you might be the
only one within 50 miles with the interest, as in my
case.  It is another arrow in the quiver of AM
enjoyment when you can make it work.

Charlie in NC

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