[AMRadio] AM lower Sensitivity?

Jose HF Silva zehelmer at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 4 17:36:39 EDT 2005

Dear Brian,

Many thanks for your encouraging approach concerning
the AM mode.

I can work all bands on SSB but nothing arrives here
in AM, including the neighbourhood: Then it must be
the receiver and the antennas... something I have to
optmize... although I'm a bit sceptic now about
significant results.

I'm going to try a Swan 500cx from an OM and see what

It should be nice to know better the AM working
conditions from G and EA colleagues , to see if I can
join them some time.

All the best


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Dear Jose,
I think the problem may be that your TS140 does not
have an AM 
If that is the case, then it is trying to squeeze all
of a 6 kHz
AM signal through a 2.3 or 2.7 kHz wide SSB filter.
It appears to lose al ot of sensitivity, especially on
the higher 
audio frequencies.  You will generally find the
sensitivity of 
the receiver sufficient for hearing AM. I do prefer
Yaesu rigs on 
AM over a Kenwood, however, your TS140s certainly
ought to be
sensitive enough to hear the guys on AM from around

What bands are you using? Perhpas you can consult with
of the fellows like my friend Dave, G3UUR who is a
on 160m, 80m, 20m and 10m AM. He is close enough that 
you ought to be abable to hear each other well. He
knows a number of other active G-stations using AM.


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