[AMRadio] AM sensibility "value"

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 4 19:51:04 EDT 2005

>Because I want to make the best use of AM, I'm looking
>now for an old good AM rig but there are not many
>possibilities here: FT-101E, TR-4, FTdx400, 500CX,

I wouldn't call the FTDX400 (or any of the FTDX rigs) a "good" AM rig.  I 
wouldn't even call it a good SSB rig.  Those things were pieces of junk even 
when they were new.

The FT-101 series makes a good AM transmitter, except on 160 (spurious 
birdies on that band).  They are capable of good positive peaks, and with a 
few mods can be made to sound pretty good.  But the receiver has very poor 
dynamic range and the front end overloads with even moderately strong nearby 

Make sure you find a transmitter that actually transmits both sidebands.  
Many of those older "AM/SSB" rigs do not transmit real AM, but one sideband 
with carrier.  Not the same thing.  SSB with carrier is just that - SSB with 
poor carrier suppression.

Don k4kyv

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