[AMRadio] Re: 6m AM and 2m AM Activity

bcarling at cfl.rr.com bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Wed Oct 5 09:20:52 EDT 2005

144.450 MH zis the universal calling frequency for 2m AM.

It must be because that works well with an 8025 kHz crystal 
in many rigs! They typically use a X18 multiplying scheme.

I have those 8025 kHz crystals available if anyone needs some for 
their rigs... (FT243 style.)

73 - Brian, AF4K


On 4 Oct 2005 at 9:44, Mark Langenfeld wrote:

> I remember 2M AM fondly (and, yes, still have gear for it in the
> basement).  But I think it's been handicapped by the lack of a uniform
> calling freq (like 50.4 on 6M) or window. 2 is indisputably one of the
> most heavily used bands. What with somewhat different band plans from
> region to region, the proliferation of packet and repeaters and the
> satellite allocation, it seems as though few have given such a thing
> much thought.  If band planners could be persuaded to carve out a sliver
> for AM somewhare between 144 and 145 mHz (I'm not holding my breath), I
> think a lot of us could be convinced to fire up the old gear on a more
> regular basis.
> Mark - WA9ETW
> > YOU (we) are the future of VHF AM.
> > Stay with it.  There ARE many of us out here with 6m AM capability 
> > who just need a NUDGE to get on the air more often!
> > 
> > I think if more of us talked it up on the internet there would be a ton 
> > more activity and maybe even start some new nets!
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