[AMRadio] FS: Homebrew BAs

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Wed Oct 5 17:07:27 EDT 2005

For Sale--I just wanted to list out the homebrew that I have for sale here in case anyone wants any of this. Please email if you have any interest.
73, Don M.

#10 TX in bad shape with nice 2-tube regen receiver. These are a set. This was  
   someone's 1930's ham station. $100

2 HBR 16 receivers. Both nice. $550 each. One has all coils and is built with a 19 inch front panel. The other one only has coils for a couple bands. It is built exactly to Ted's specs and has all the original HBR documentation with it, An 8x10 glossy picture signed by Ted Crosby, signed letters and much more. Much of the documentation on the HBR web site came from this radio. 

PP 250TH open rack TX with pp 810 modulator. The exciter is a Gross CW-55. $1,500. 

Versatile 70 TX. 6146 on all bands. CW or grid modulated. CQ 1952 
   project. $140

PP RK-65 RF deck with huge B&W loading cap. Easily converted to 250TH triodes if desired. $100

3B29 modulated by an 815. VHF I think. Power supply missing. $35

GWE III--812 modulated by PP 809s. Speech am is PP 45's. On 40 meters today with coils 
for all bands. Rack TX, 5 ft. tall, in HB wooden rack. $600

GWE II 250TH driven and modulated by 6146s. In 6 ft black wrinkle rack. On 80 
   meters today. Bandswitching to 40 meters but 40 probably needs work. $700

W9TB desk kilowatt. PP 304TLs driven by single tube. CW only. Desk has 2 
   receivers and control section built into it. Awesome construction. PS is 
   unfinished. $750 (what I paid)

3 large-ish homebrew antenna tuners including a Lew McCoy Ultimate Transmatch.

Probaby a ton gross weight of vintage power supplies or parts for same.
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