[AMRadio] AM sensitivity value: FT-101E?

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Oct 6 14:57:11 EDT 2005


Back in the mid 90s I talked to a guy in Pauls Valley, OK who had an FT 
101E.  He had made modifications to his for better audio, but I don't know 
if they mirror what you saw.  Recently another friend in Amarillo, TX bought 
another transmitter and sold FT 101E.  It also sounded very good on the air.

I agree with Paul, they can sound very good with minor changes.

73  Jim

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Subject: [AMRadio] AM sensitivity value: FT-101E?

> Dear Paul, WA3VJB
> I took very seriously your references to the
> capabilities of improved FT-101E:
>>"The older Yaesu FT-101E can also be made to sound
>>very good, and the purchase price for used gear like
>>this is less than $400.  Here's Frank's example of
> the
> and passed this to some colleagues over here, to
> inform them and convince them to join in and help to
> broaden the AM enthusiasm.
> But nobody believes that such a sound could be
> produced by a FT-101E!
> Is there some misunderstanding?
> Is this just a personal recordind of Frank speaking...
> or is it a real recording of Frank's modulation by his
> FT-101E being received by you (or someone else)?
> Please help us to come out of this kind of "hoax",
> saving the face and the real value of FT-101E ;-)
> Thank you
> 73
> de José Silva

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