[AMRadio] FT101E for real

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 7 19:34:55 EDT 2005

Jose, yes, that's a real recording of Frank's FT101EE.
Moreover, reception was not dressed up in any way at
my end, no equalization, no compression, nothing but
the diode output of the R390A into a bridging amp,
into an open reel tape recorder.

As the others have pointed out, his is not the only
one made to sound so sweet.

Bill, W3DUQ used an FT101 for many years.

Steve, WB3HUZ, who later went on to the FT102, also
has used the FT101 to great sound:
(link missing)

So, yes, consider taking a look at the boards in there
and the specific components that need to be changed.
There's room to work on it, and apparently not that
much of a challenge.


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