[AMRadio] For Sale - Homebrew 80/40/20 AM transmitter

Brian K Harris brian.k.harris at philips.com
Sun Oct 9 12:52:35 EDT 2005

A couple of years ago I traded some new electronic equipment for a 
homebrew 80/40/20 AM transmitter built in the late 50's or early 60's by a 
friend.  I need to find a new home for this rig as I don't have the time 
or space to mess with it.

It has an 813 final that is modulated by a pair of GE VT-4C's.  I think 
the builder said it would run about 300 Watts DC input.  There RF is on 
one chassis and the power supply is on another.  The power supply uses 
866's, which are currently missing (I will provide two NIB 866's). 
Included is a homebrew VFO made from military surplus gear.   I would 
guess the assembly weighs 175-200 pounds. 

All the equipment is housed in a 47-3/8" tall Bud rack cabinet (not 
counting a few inches the four casters I added provide)  The cabinet has a 
latching door on the rear.

I never energized the unit.  It needs wiring work between the two chassis, 
along with general cleanup as it had been sitting in his basement unused 
for several years.

Although I have $200 invested in this transmitter I will sell it for $175 
to the first person that will come and get it.  I will not ship it.  If it 
doesn't sell, it will likely be parted out as the VT-4C's alone are 
apparently worth my asking price. 

You can see this rig on my website 
(http://home.comcast.net/~wa5uek/index.html) or in person at my QTH.  I 
will provide additional pictures to serious inquirers.

Thanks for the read,
Brian WA5UEK

3521 Teakwood Lane
Plano, TX 75075

Mobile: 214-763-5977
Email:    brian.k.harris at philips.com

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