[AMRadio] AM sensitivity value: FT-101E?

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 9 19:36:30 EDT 2005

>Back in the mid 90s I talked to a guy in Pauls Valley, OK who had an FT 
>101E.  He had made modifications to his for better audio, but I don't know 
>if they mirror what you saw.  Recently another friend in Amarillo, TX 
>bought another transmitter and sold FT 101E.  It also sounded very good on 
>the air.
>I agree with Paul, they can sound very good with minor changes.

There is an article in The AM Press/Exchange (don't recall which issue), 
written by Tim, WA1HLR, on converting the FT-101 series to hi-fi audio, both 
on transmit and receive.

I modified a couple for friends, and it worked well.

Don k4kyv

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