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Great summary of the fest.  Thanks for sharing the information.

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> Well, another great 'fester is history.
> After watching the weather forecasts all week I decided to take Friday
> off and go over early. Admission cost is a bit higher for going in
> before 4PM, but it was well worth it. Had I waited and gone later, I
> would've missed out on several good items and only had a couple of
> hours before darkness and rain closed in.
> Some of the items seen included:
> R-390A - 2, one missing IF deck but with meters for $100, later sold
> for $150. The other was complete and clean, don't recall the price but
> $450 comes to mind?
> ART-13 - This is the one John mentioned already, very clean w/LF
> oscillator installed *and* the two slide mounts and base, all separate
> pieces. Represented as a -13A, possibly because of the LF osc? Was
> unsold the last time I saw it.
> AN/GRR-5 - not bad but a bit scruffy, mismatched units, $250 unsold at
> last glance
> TCS transmitter, receiver, AC supply and connecting cables, $250 unsold
> Scott RCH receiver not working but very nice, in cabinet w/shockmount
> base and all tags attached, $100 (I snarfled onto this, sure is HEAVY)
> RE-2 antenna relay unit for ARC-5, missing back and scratched up, $40 
> unsold
> BC-442A, fair to good condition, complete w/back, $50 unsold (same
> seller as RE-2)
> ARA Q5er receiver, drawer mods, fair-good cond. $44 unsold
> R-388 receiver, missing covers otherwise looked complete, $375 unsold
> Hammarlund Super Pro & PS repainted and w/GR replacement knobs, $100
> sold for $40
> RCA URR-13 200-400 mcs restored by Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, nice
> shape - $60 sold for $40 (to me, still not quite sure what to do with
> it but the shockmount feet are cool)
> Johnson Valiant - 2, one in nice shape for $250 and one more scratched
> up just around the aisle from it for $350. The $250 was gone when I
> went back by later, and the price was missing from the $350 example.
> Collins 75A-4 - 2, both in very nice condition, one had the SSB
> filter, didn't check inside the other, $850 for one, $900 for the
> other, both unsold last time I wandered past
> Collins KWM-2A, older winged emblem in nice shape, $550 sold.
> Collins 51J-/R-388 original cabinet in very nice condition w/feet and
> hardware, $120 sold for $100 (to me, now my R-388 has a place to
> reside). Same seller had the $900 75A-4. Last year W1RC found a CY-979
> cabinet for the R-390(*) under a table for $5, so I was determined to
> find one this year. Ended up with this one instead.
> Hallicrafters SX-42 parts donor, complete chassis but rough looking, $5 
> sold.
> Heathkit Apache tx, $125 sold.
> Vibroplex Original, gray base, black paddles, old but NIB w/paperwork,
> $90 sold, resold by new owner for $140 later.
> Vibroplex Blue Racer chromed model (deluxe?) w/red paddles, $125 unsold.
> National NC-173 - 2, one very rusty unsold for $50, one in good
> condition for $175 unsold.
> National NC-125 - 2, one in rough shape for $50 unsold, one in Cosmic
> Blue wrinkle? for $150 unsold.
> Hammarlund HQ-140 w/matching speaker, good cond. priced separately -
> $? for receiver $100 for speaker (someone has been watching ebay too
> much), unsold.
> Very ratty Collins KWS-1 power supply and equally ratty 75A-4, price ?
> Also numerous Heathkit SB-type rigs, some WJ receivers and many other
> items I either didn't check closely enough or forgot to mention.
> Attendence was down due to the forecasted wx, although Friday was a
> beautiful day overall, mostly sunny and mid 70s. The rain didn't come
> until late, and then it was a mist or sprinkles until 10PM at which
> time I left. In fairness, some of the items may have sold later that
> night or Saturday, although I suspect the rain had an impact on
> Saturday's business.
> One item strangely missing this time around: Hammarlund SP-600/R-274
> receivers. Didn't see a single one. They are usually as plentiful as
> R-390 types, sometimes moreso.
> Dale, KW1I had his wonderful GRC-19 set up in canvas covered wooden
> box set up working for all to see, its audio clearly heard around the
> AM/milsurplus corral. Most interesting vehicle this time was a
> restored Model A (I think?) pickup driven down from Maine by a fellow
> who was selling gear from the back bed. Larry, N1ES also brought along
> his 1965 Falcon again. Only military vehicle I saw was Dale's GMC
> radio van, or maybe it was Brown's?
> I also managed to pick up the required 6 sets of Millen type 32103
> feed thru insulators for a transmitter restoration project for $9, one
> of the large ART-13 connectors for $1.50, and some stainless steel
> hardware I didn't even know I needed. Someone was selling large
> plastic bags full, roughly 2 pounds for 50¢ or a large bag (about 5+
> pounds) for $1. Apparently they had bought out a shop. I ended up with
> a bunch of small screws as well as large Phillips head rack screws,
> along with lock washers, aluminum hex standoffs, and the nuts that
> clip into those square rackmount holes. Can't remember what else, but
> $6 worth was all I wanted to carry.
> Saw many folks including my old friend Gary WZ1M (he sold me the
> URR-13), George Rancourt, John Flood who brought along the 28VDC power
> supply he was holding for me, and met John Forster. Had dinner in
> Concord with Joe, WA2PJP and saw my old friend Brian (formerly N1HUT
> now W1LYD) who drove down from Alaska. Talk about dedication!
> Actually, he's visiting until December.
> All in all, a very good 'fest despite the threat of rain. Hopefully
> others will contribute their observations and purchases. Winter is
> long, and 'fests are few.
> 73 de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ


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