[AMRadio] FS: BA Catalogs & Brochures, Part 2

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Wed Oct 12 13:13:12 EDT 2005

The catalogs and brochures in these 2 e-mails are for sale to offers ranging from $4 to $30 each, or package deals. Let me know if you're interested in any of these.
Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

Catalogs Brochures & Manufacturer's Guides, N - W

Company					Year

National Radio Catalog #400			1941
National Radio					1948
National Radio 50th Anniversary Photo Album, 1964
National Union specialized AF Tubes For heavy Duty P.A. & Sound Work		1940	good, with cover letter
Newark's Ham Catalog			1941	Small format. Nice.
Ohmite Catalog				1943    (December) 100+ pages
Pfanstiehl Radio Brochure			1920s	Covers Pfanstiehl Model 7 which I have. In Pfanstiehl folder
Pyrex Radio Insulators				1939	Near mint
Radiart Aerials Catalog			1940	good
Radiart Exact Duplicate Vibrators		1937	good
Radiart Exact Duplicate Vibrators		1936	good
Radio-Electronic Master Catalog		1954-55	1500 Pages, hardcover, Ross
Radio-Electronic Master Catalog		1958		1500 pages, hardcover, Altoona
Radio-Electronic Master Catalog		1967		2000 pages, hardcover. Cameradio.
Radio Shack					1941
Radio Shack					1957
Radio Supply Catalog				1934	A classic distributor catalog
Radio-Television Supply Catalog		1938	Has bi-push transmitter in it. Not the same as "Radio Supply"
RCA ACR-136 Brochure							193?
RCA Radio Parts Catalogue							1937 (has ACT-40 and ACR-175)
RCA SK3017 Silicon Rectifier Data Sheet					1965
RCA Test Equipment, Accessories and Parts					undated (1938?)	extra-nice
RCA Pencil Tubes								1960			good
RCA Phototubes, Cathode ray and Special Tubes				1950			good
RCA Radio & TV test Equipment, Parts & Accessories catalog No. 104	undated (1950?)	very good
Sangamo Capacitor Spec Sheet		193?
Simpson Test Equipment 			1967
Sprague Condenser Retail Catalog				1939			Stylish Art-deco
Sprague 1940-41 Condenser Catalog				1940-41		20 pages, nice
Sprague Serviceman's Handy Guide (Wall hanging)		undated (1950)	good
Sprague Black Beauty Telecap Pcket Brochure		undated (1950?)	nice
Sprague Atom Electrolytics Pocket Brochure			undated (1950?)	nice
Sprague Catalog C-611					1956			good
Sprague Condensers 1937 Catalog				1937			nice
Sylvania 865 Tube Data Sheet			1933			slight tear
Sylvania Crystal Diodes Catalog and Usage Data	1955			good
Sylvania Receiving Tube Characteristics		1960			very good
Sylvania Tube Substitution Manual			undated (1960?)	good
Technical Materiel Corp Stock Certificate			1970
Tektronix Catalog August, 1955. Really Nice			1955
Tektronix Catalog #16-1957. Nice				1957
Tektronix Calendar 1971. Beautiful. Dates match 2004.	1971
Texas Crystals Catalog 860, undated but this is 1960's vintage
Thordarson Amplifiers Catalog 600-C			1938	Excellent
Thordarson Amplifiers Catalog 600-D			1939	Good
Thordarson Tru-Fidelity Transormers 500-D			1939	Excellnt
Triplett Test Equipt Catalog			1938
Triplett Distinctive Panel Instruments 		1945 ???
Triplett Radio Testers Brochure 44-T		1938			4 pages, good
Triplett Instruments Price Sheet 51-1		undated (1940?)	good
Tydings #4								1939/40
Tydings								1961
Tydings								1963
Universal Microphones Catalog No. 89				1937	good
Universal Microphones Portable Recording Machines Bulletin 81	1937	nice
Utah Radio Products Catalog							1939
Utah Speakers, Vibrators, Transformrs, Parts Catalog			1939			good
Utah Replacement Parts							1936			good
Utah Amateur Transmitter Components					1937			nice
Utah X'mitter Kits								1937-38		nice
Utah Transmitters & Chokes for Amateur Transmitters & Audio systems	undated (1938?)	good
Utah Power Transformwers, Audio Transformers and Chokes		undated (1937?)	good
Utah P-7894 Universal Output Transformer Instruction Sheet		undated (1950)	fair
Ward Leonard Electric Vitrohm Radio Resistors & Rheostats 
   Circulars 507, 507A, 507B, 507C, with cover letter		1935		good
Ward Leonard Electric Co. Time delay Relays, Bulletin 351		1935		good
Ward Leonard Electric Co. Intermediate Duty Relays Bulletin 81	1937		good
Weston Test Instruments			Undated but looks to be 1940 or so. Near-mint.
Wholesale Radio Amateur Radio Equipment	1933 ???	Awesome guide to early ham gear and parts
Wholesale Radio Amateur Radio Equipment	1936		Wonderful catalog with loose covers
WRL						1959
WRL Mailing Set With Cover Letter		1961		good, in Globe King File
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