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Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 11:08:11 EDT 2005

On 10/12/05, StephenTetorka at cs.com <StephenTetorka at cs.com> wrote:
> Hi all:
> This was my first time to the event.
> Nice gathering of equipment...didn't look like much was selling as it was mostly there at the end of Friday.
> Makes me wonder about the future of boatanchors...no younger hams...just 'us mature folks'...whose numbers are getting smaller.

Hi Steve -

I suspect you are correct about the 'mature' aspect of ham radio's
interest. After this year's 'fest, I am pretty much convinced that
this and not ebay is the real threat to hamfests. Today's kids have so
much stuff, and so many avenues available to them for entertainment
that unless 'real' radio is brought to their attention and they have
an interest, they won't be likely to find it on their own. For years
radio was king, now the internet, electronic games played online or
via the TV set, DVDs, cellphones and shopping malls are all available
with little or no effort or expense. By 'real' radio I mean the true
essence of transmitting and receiving, not just some other version of
the internet or cellphone. Not necessarily just ld BA gear, although
it seems to do the best job of saying 'radio' in recognizable terms.

As far as gear selling, it depends on what time you arrive there. Only
a guesstimate on my part, but it seems like most of the selling takes
place in the first half of each day: Friday from before the gates open
until early-mid afternoon, then again on Saturday as new sellers show
up and add their gear to the mix. For example, I saw a number of items
moving on Friday and others were gone when I passed by a while later.
R-390A, Johnson Valiant, EH Scott RCH, KWM-2A, Super Pro w/supply,
Vibroplex bug, Apache and so on. By later in the day things had pretty
much stagnated due to the threat of rain as well as the initial
selling or 'good deal' phase having passed. Had Saturday been a good
day, it would've all happened again with the new sellers and some
sellers dropping their otherwise-too high prices. The overpriced(for
the captive market) gear or items of no interest end up going home
with the seller if they're not willing to sell for less.

I saw no 'steals' or old widows being ripped off, only motivated
sellers who wanted to get rid of stuff before the rain started. So,
contrary to what some would have us believe, a 'good deal' really is
what the seller and buyer agree on. $5 for a complete SX-42 parts
chassis would be considered a great deal to some, while others turn
their noses up at it for being less than mint.

I had a great time just chewing the fat with friends as much as
finding treasures. Would've been nice to meet up with you. Maybe next

73, Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ

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