[AMRadio] FS BA 1920's, 30's Parts and Misc.

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Thu Oct 13 11:33:03 EDT 2005

For Sale: Miscellaneous Ancient BA Parts

L&N T/R knife switch from the 1930's. If you haven't
ever seen one of these, you're missing a treat. It's a
5 inch long, 4 inch high humpback knife switch made
out of almost solid bakelite with brass contacts.
Connections are made by binding posts. A work of art.

Military WWII Lionel J-36 bug. Some paint chips on
base. Metal needs cleaned. Excellent tag. Nice
condition and complete with cloth cord and knife-blade
style plug. $80

1920's Power Transformer. This is 10 inches long and
about 5 inches high. Connections at one end. At the
other, a switch with exposed taps for matching the
input voltage 105-115V. The tag says: "Power
Transformer Model UP 1368, Primary Volts 102.5/115,
Watts 325, Cycles, 50/60, Secondary Volts Radiotron
Fil. 7.8/3.9, Plate 1100/550, Kenotron Fil. 7.8/3.9,
Mf'd For Radio Corporation of America By General
Electric Co., USA". This has the oldest RCA logo on it
I have ever seen-an R and a C in a circle. Surface
rust on winding edges. Otherwise looks good. $70

I.C.E VC-50 fixed vacuum capacitor. Looks similar to
the one that goes in the BC-610 transmitter. NOSB. $15

National Velvet Vernier Dials. $20 each. These are the
1930's large ones with the metal frame ans plastic
knob. I have two of these with 0-200 around the full
dial circumference. I have a second pair with 0-100
around just 180 degrees of the dial. 

Two National PB-800 neutralizing caps. (1930's). Used
and need cleaned. But complete and will clean up to
like new. As used in National 6000 transmitter and
many 30's transmitter plans. $20/pair

Five 1920's ERLA RF transformers. All of these are
marked 200-700 meters on the red metal ERLA tag. 3
REFLEX-1 type, one of which has an open secondary, the
other two are good. One REFLEX-2 which tests good. And
one SELECTOFORMER Type A (blue tag) which is untested.
All: $55

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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