[AMRadio] Need 160 JEL

crawfish crawfish at surfmore.net
Fri Oct 21 01:34:11 EDT 2005

Barrie's comments reminded me that I need to find a 160 JEL coil for my
Gonset Commander. It has a 40 JVL in it which has about 30 turns on it. The
previous owner had marked 160m on one side of it, but before he sold it to
me, he said it put out 25 watts on 40m.Can anyone give me the coil
dimensions for a 160 JEL?
                                     73 de Joe W4AAB
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> Somewhere around here I've got a 160 HDVL that I started to attempt to
> repair years ago.
> I gave up in frustration.  Lots of turns on that thing.
> And speaking of lots of turns:  I've got a coil with no markings, that can
> be read, that is exactly the same as an HDVL, excepting that the variable
> coil is mounted on bearings inside the coil.  Very similar to the BC-610
> coils.
> This thing is quite large in diameter, perhaps 25% larger than the HDVL,
> measures 60 milihenries end to end.
> The swinging-link (or rotating in this case) coil is six turns of heavy
> edge-wound strap.
> Anyone got any idea what this thing is?
> 73, Barrie, W7ALW
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