[AMRadio] FS: Multi-Elmac, RME 99, Homebrew TX, Modulator, RF Deck,

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Fri Oct 21 11:20:05 EDT 2005

Multi-Elmac AF-67 Transmitter s/n 6070 with matching Model M-1470 AC/DC power supply s/n 121. This is in truly excellent original cosmetic condition. The front panel looks brand new and the cabinet is almost as good. The power supply is also clean and excellent.  With manual copies for both TX and PS. Untested. As-is. $200

Multi-Elmac AF-68/PMR-8/M-1070 & mobile PS rig with all cables and manuals. Needs cleanup but is in very good original cosmetic condition. Untested. As-is. I think this has the original Multi-Elmac speaker with it. But there's no logo on it and I'm not sure. $300

RME 99 HF receiver. 1940-vintage ham bands receiver in nice black wrinkle desk cabinet. Oddly, the large dial in the center is bandspread, while the smaller dial at the right Is the main tuning. Triple conversion. Very good cosmetic condition with some small marks in paint.  Some knobs may be wrong but they are so close that it's hard to tell. Untested. As-is. The tube line-up is locktals: 4-7A7, 1-7B8, 2-7A4, 1-7F7, 1-7C5, 1-7A6, 1-VR150, 1-80.  With manual copy. $275
Homebrew "Versatile 70" 70 Watt AM Transmitter. This is a construction project from CQ Magazine, December, 1953. 70 watt bandswitching AM transmitter using single 6146 in final. Not plate-modulated. Fabulously built with the best of components. Nice cosmetic condition. Untested. No restoration has been done. Some cold solder joints and loose connections are visible underneath. This is a 19" rackmount occupying 10-1/2" of rack space. Currently in nice black-wrinkle ex-military desktop cabinet. With original CQ article. Tube line-up is 1-6AG5, 5-6AQ5, 1-6146, 1-6AU6, 1-6C4, 1-0A2, 1-0B2, 1-6X4, 
1-5R4GY. As-is. $120

Homebrew TZ-20 125W Modulator (or may be commercial-can't be certain). This looks professionally made except for the input transformer which has been  changed out for a Stancor unit designed to match a 600 ohm PA amplifier. It uses 4 tubes in push-pull parallel and I am guessing that these were Taylor TZ-20 tubes set up for zero-bias operation. The are 4 Taylor TZ-20's in it now. But they have bad plate caps. The modulation transformer is a UTC Varimatch VM-3 dating from the 1930's. This is a 125 watt TF and supports the TZ-20. I think this modulator was used with a PA amplifier as a speech amp. No power supply-just the audio chain components. From the W8JLH estate, Ellwood City, PA, August, 2003. Looks good on black wrinkle chassis. Untested. No restoration has been done. No front panel. With spec sheets on VM-3 and TZ-20. $120

Homebrew RK-65 RF Amplifier deck. This is an RF amp using push-pull RK-65 tubes and a large B&W "CX" type tank assembly. The CX tank mounts a B&W "HD" jackbar for plug-in final coils with a swinging link to pick up the output. It also has a set of clips for adding a fixed vacuum capacitor and bolt-on plates that are used for neutralization on each side. It's a pretty impressive piece of equipment, circa 1940. From the W8JLH estate, Ellwood City, PA, August, 2003. This is on a large, maybe 15 inch high 19 inch steel rack panel with one knob and one meter. Looks good. Untested. No restoration has been done. With  2-Raytheon RK-65 tetrodes. This could easily be converted to 250TH triodes if desired. $120

National FBX receiver w/80M coils and 5886 doghouse. This has some rust around the bottom edge. The tuning knob may be wrong. No unoriginal holes and otherwise looking good inside and out. Untested. As-is. $275

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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