[AMRadio] BC-610 down=up

James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
Tue Oct 25 23:17:46 EDT 2005

The BC-939 (*) handles an end fed long wire, the recommended length for
2 - 18 Mhz is 44 feet. That number changes to 77 feet for 160 meters and
works quite well. At my Rochester, NY QTH I used four or the 44 ft.
end fed long wires oriented to the cardinal points. the system worked
quite well into Europe, and Asia, and South America, using my BC-610 on
CW and RTTY.

I also used a full size 160 meter Loop fed with open wire line to a
homebrew antenna tuner which coupled the 50 ohm output of the BC-610
to the open wire feed-line. The BC-939 work quite well as long as it
is used as it was designed to be used.

As for the whip antenna, that measures 15 feet and is used in mobile
from the shelter that housed the AN/GRC-26 that used the BC-610 and
a pair BC-348 receivers. Been there, done that!

Lots of folks try to couple to a dipole antenna, the correct use is to
use the whip also when the vehicle is parked, and put in an 8 foot
ground out to aid in the matching to the whip or long-wire.

If you cut a dipole to "a correct length" for the operating frequency
then you can feed it with 50 ohm coax and plug that into the BC-610
output connector which is 50 ohms.

FWIW Your mileage may vary.

Barrie Smith wrote:
> Todd:
> You mentioned that you have the '939 antenna tuner that matches the BC-610.
> I have one, as well.  Be aware that this tuner is designed to match a
> (relatively) short whip, only.
> Won't do a thing for you on any "normal" ham antenna.
> 73, Barrie, W7ALW
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