[AMRadio] 300-G RF exiter

Mike Sawyer w3slk at uplink.net
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Eric, WB4VVI(SK), told me that the 6000 tube was essentially a 6L6 with the 
pins moved around and filament voltage raised. I guess you can use a 25AV5 
as a drop in replacement for it with a little less drive. I have an exciter 
deck and got the more common 6AV5. The reason is that the tube's wires for 
the filament are on a separate line. Therefore, you could hook-up whatever 
flavor filament transformer that will meet your needs.
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The T368 exciter deck that I'm using retains the 10
watt Type 6000 tube in there, and drives the 807s
instead of the 6L6 buffer that was in there.

It would be too hot to drive the oscillator module,
plus, I needed the space to park the exciter deck. The
feedline needs to be kept short, I presume you know,
or the coax capacitance gets out of hand.

OK on your timetable, here's hoping you'll be up in
time for one of the big AM events. Maybe you'll even
become a cover boy -- as seen here with No. 147 :


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