[AMRadio] 75m early

W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Thu Oct 27 12:53:26 EDT 2005

VJB wrote:

>Hey Geoff,
>Nice to know you took my place at the table as the
>"Breakfast Club" gathers on 75m early in the morning.
>I've got some prolonged hours at work, and, as with
>Dave/W4QCU, haven't had enough margin to fire up at
>4AM before I get the rest of the day organized.
>>From what I've heard recently the band has been really
>long, with coast-to-coast contacts from about 11PM EDT
>on ward.
>If any of you guys out west are still up by 1AM PDT,
>check us out?

I'd love to, but the little late-night operating I've done in the last 
week, I've done delicatly (reduced power) because I imposed 'quiet 
hours' on myself, just because I do get the occasional odd report of a 
nieghbor a few doors down who tells me (weeks later) "hey, what were you 
doing up at 3am, talking on the radio?"  Since he's around 200ft from 
the antenna, I ask "how did you know?"  He said he heard me on his 
telephone (Cheap Wal-Mart junk).   No, he wasn't calling 911, or police 
or fire... so, my question to him is "who in the world would you be 
talking to on the telephone at 3am, if it wasn't an emergency?"  He 
didn't have a ready answer, so if it's a 900 sex number, I don't feel 
bad about him hearing me ;-)

But the situation does lend itself that if he's hearing me some 200ft 
away on a cheap phone, I think I'd rather tread lightly on the air, 
around prime-time.  I do, after all, have to live here amongst the 

There's been RF emminating from this address for 50 years.  I'm trying 
to keep peace and continue to operate.

1AM Pacific time is 11pm here.  That's when Letterman comes on.  So, 
self-imposed quiet hours for me, are from midnight till 6am.  Then, I 
only run around 200w of carrier output.  So far (knock on wood) there's 
been no reports other than the odd 3am phone interference, and my 
neighbors computer speakers.  I told her "unplug 'em from the wall, and 
not the computer" and I've not heard anything about it, since.

Then there are others who occasionally give signs that something is 
happening, but they don't/wont come to me with it, so I can't help with 
a problem, if I don't know it exists.

73 = Best Regards,

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