[AMRadio] Amp advice

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Sat Oct 29 16:25:26 EDT 2005

  I have recently acquired (from the estate of a Silent Key) an Ameritron 
AL-80 (not A, B, or C) and the Ameritorn ATR-15 tuner.

  These were used together for years, then sat for an unknown length of 
time before being disconnected and moved.   I am the second owner.

   The tuner exhibits constructional saliency with masonry defecatoria, and 
appears to be in nearly factory-new shape internally - the case is dusty a 
bit, but also very nice.

   The amp, [while modified slightly with some extra ventilation holes and 
a large power-transistor type heatsink bolted to the case adjacent to 
where the 3-500Z lives], seems to be visually in good shape - it seems to 
have had one of it's power-equalizing resistors (on the rectifier/filter 
board) replaced. It's wired for a 220 mains supply, which I will also 
operate it on.

  Initially I'll be driving the AL-80 with a Ranger, thence into the 
ATR-15, 450-ohm ladderline to the 450' fence-top loop guarding my back 
yard.  I've completed the re-route of that ladder-line following previous 
suggestions and admonishments, BTW - and thanks to y'all for that!!

   I've not owned a higher-power amp before, so aside from the usual 
caveats concerning powering up 'older' gear for the first time - I was 
wondering if there are any Ameritron-specific "gotchas" to be aware of - 
and certainly if there is any wisdom, anecdotes, or cautions concerning 
this amp - especially as I'm going to use it on AM fone - I'd be 
appreciative of the experiences you've (collectively) had.



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