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Mike Dorworth,K4XM k4xm at arczip.com
Sat Oct 29 16:57:33 EDT 2005

It seems we're back to where we were. In theory the maximum carrier is
limited to half the tube dissipation. i.e 250 watts. The power supply is
good for about half that amount. This means the Ranger can put out at MAX
around 12  to13 watts. The carrier about 125 watts, the pep output about 500
watts. Your ability to buy power transformers and tubes may vary.. Hope this
helps.. Mike
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>   I have recently acquired (from the estate of a Silent Key) an Ameritron
> AL-80 (not A, B, or C) and the Ameritorn ATR-15 tuner.
>   These were used together for years, then sat for an unknown length of
> time before being disconnected and moved.   I am the second owner.
>    The tuner exhibits constructional saliency with masonry defecatoria,
> appears to be in nearly factory-new shape internally - the case is dusty a
> bit, but also very nice.
>    The amp, [while modified slightly with some extra ventilation holes and
> a large power-transistor type heatsink bolted to the case adjacent to
> where the 3-500Z lives], seems to be visually in good shape - it seems to
> have had one of it's power-equalizing resistors (on the rectifier/filter
> board) replaced. It's wired for a 220 mains supply, which I will also
> operate it on.
>   Initially I'll be driving the AL-80 with a Ranger, thence into the
> ATR-15, 450-ohm ladderline to the 450' fence-top loop guarding my back
> yard.  I've completed the re-route of that ladder-line following previous
> suggestions and admonishments, BTW - and thanks to y'all for that!!
>    I've not owned a higher-power amp before, so aside from the usual
> caveats concerning powering up 'older' gear for the first time - I was
> wondering if there are any Ameritron-specific "gotchas" to be aware of -
> and certainly if there is any wisdom, anecdotes, or cautions concerning
> this amp - especially as I'm going to use it on AM fone - I'd be
> appreciative of the experiences you've (collectively) had.
>    Cheers
> John KB6SCO
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