[AMRadio] BC-610 terminating impedance

Barrie Smith barrie at centric.net
Sat Oct 29 21:11:33 EDT 2005

This has been an interesting thread, and I learned some things about the 

Relative to the polarization issue:  I read a rather long article quite a 
few years ago about a ham who was also an electronics professor at a 
university in Italy, I believe.

He set up two separate antennas, one vertical and one horizontal, feeding 
two separate receivers, and fed the IF output of one of the RX to the 
vertical plates of an O'scope, and the other RX to the horizontal plates.

With each receiver tuned to the same frequency, he could watch the relative 
signal strength of the vertical or horizontal polorization on the 'scope.

While I don't remember all the details, I do remember that when skip was 
involved the polorization of the incoming signal varied considerably, and 
the most likely polorization was a combination of both, which was a 45 
degree angle trace on the scope.

I think that cross-polorization only really matters on line-of-sight 

73, Barrie, W7ALW 

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