[AMRadio] FS: Boatanchor Homebrew Transmitters

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Oct 31 10:38:17 EST 2005

FOR SALE. Shipping cost is not included.

Homebrew #10 Hartley Transmitter. Built from plans in
the 1931 ARRL Handbook. Looks exactly like RX pictured
in book. Using single #10 tube and 2 "plug-in"
coils--one is copper tubing. Breadboard-style. This
was built in the 1960's as a nostalgia project using
period components. It's in perfect working condition.
Tube line-up is 1-10. $110  

Homebrew power supply for the Hartley or any
early-1930's vintage TX. This is a breadboard supply
using a 1930's Thordarson transformer and 2 large,
square 1930's caps, one of which has split open. There
is a socket for 1 4-pin rectifier. But it had no tube
in it when I got it and I have never run this supply.
As-is. Needs cleaned up. Board used for breadboard is
unfinished and not great.  $65

HBR 16 receiver. Famous QST project by Ted Crosby
W6TC. Built onto a 19 inch rack panel in a Bud
cabinet. All black wrinkle. Coils for all bands. I
powered this up and it makes noise but needs some TLC
to be a real receiver again. With all available
documentation including schematic, etc. on eBay at $399

1930's PP 250TH open rack TX with pp 810 modulator.
The exciter is a very rare Gross CW-55. 1939-ish
vintage transmitter in the classic pre-war open rack
style. Even the rack is homebrew. Beautiful the way
only exposed HV connections can be. $1,500. Pickup

Versatile 70 TX. 6146 on all HF bands. Bandswitching.
CW or grid modulated. CQ 1952 project. Some cold
solder joints need fixed and other restoration work
needed. Gray wrinkle 19 inch rack panel in black
ex-military cabinet. $140
1939-40 PP Raytheon RK-65 RF deck with huge B&W
loading cap. Easily converted to 250TH triodes if
desired. on eBay at $89

Homebrew VHF TX--3B29 modulated by an 815. Power
supply missing. Needs work. $35 

GWE III AM TX. A single 812 modulated by PP 809s.
Speech amp is PP 45's. On 40 meters today with coils
for all bands. Rack TX, 5 ft. tall, in HB wooden rack.
Very sweet looking. Crystal control or use included
Eico VFO. With all of N3GWE's builder's documentation.
$600. Pickup only.

GWE II AM TX. A single 250TH driven and modulated by
6146s. In 6 ft black wrinkle rack. On 80 meters today.
Bandswitching to 40 meters but 40 probably needs work.
Crystal control or use included. HB HF VFO in BC-221
cabinet. With all of N3GWE's builder's documentation.
$700 Pickup only.

W9TB desk kilowatt CW TX. PP 304TLs driven by single
tube. CW only. Full-size desk has 2 receivers and
control section built into it. Awesome construction.
PS is not original to this rig and is unfinished.
Includes much of the original builder's documentation.
$750. Pickup only.

Pickup items must be picked up in Pittsburgh, PA.
Thanks for looking. 
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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