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Mark Foltarz Foltarz at rocketmail.com
Mon Oct 31 11:02:04 EST 2005

Hey Don,

  If you get a buyer for the rig with the RK-65, let him know I have a nib
spare for $50.



--- Merz Donald S <merz.ds at mellon.com> wrote:

> FOR SALE. Shipping cost is not included.
> Homebrew #10 Hartley Transmitter. Built from plans in
> the 1931 ARRL Handbook. Looks exactly like RX pictured
> in book. Using single #10 tube and 2 "plug-in"
> coils--one is copper tubing. Breadboard-style. This
> was built in the 1960's as a nostalgia project using
> period components. It's in perfect working condition.
> Tube line-up is 1-10. $110  
> Homebrew power supply for the Hartley or any
> early-1930's vintage TX. This is a breadboard supply
> using a 1930's Thordarson transformer and 2 large,
> square 1930's caps, one of which has split open. There
> is a socket for 1 4-pin rectifier. But it had no tube
> in it when I got it and I have never run this supply.
> As-is. Needs cleaned up. Board used for breadboard is
> unfinished and not great.  $65
> HBR 16 receiver. Famous QST project by Ted Crosby
> W6TC. Built onto a 19 inch rack panel in a Bud
> cabinet. All black wrinkle. Coils for all bands. I
> powered this up and it makes noise but needs some TLC
> to be a real receiver again. With all available
> documentation including schematic, etc. on eBay at $399
> 1930's PP 250TH open rack TX with pp 810 modulator.
> The exciter is a very rare Gross CW-55. 1939-ish
> vintage transmitter in the classic pre-war open rack
> style. Even the rack is homebrew. Beautiful the way
> only exposed HV connections can be. $1,500. Pickup
> only. 
> Versatile 70 TX. 6146 on all HF bands. Bandswitching.
> CW or grid modulated. CQ 1952 project. Some cold
> solder joints need fixed and other restoration work
> needed. Gray wrinkle 19 inch rack panel in black
> ex-military cabinet. $140
> 1939-40 PP Raytheon RK-65 RF deck with huge B&W
> loading cap. Easily converted to 250TH triodes if
> desired. on eBay at $89
> Homebrew VHF TX--3B29 modulated by an 815. Power
> supply missing. Needs work. $35 
> GWE III AM TX. A single 812 modulated by PP 809s.
> Speech amp is PP 45's. On 40 meters today with coils
> for all bands. Rack TX, 5 ft. tall, in HB wooden rack.
> Very sweet looking. Crystal control or use included
> Eico VFO. With all of N3GWE's builder's documentation.
> $600. Pickup only.
> GWE II AM TX. A single 250TH driven and modulated by
> 6146s. In 6 ft black wrinkle rack. On 80 meters today.
> Bandswitching to 40 meters but 40 probably needs work.
> Crystal control or use included. HB HF VFO in BC-221
> cabinet. With all of N3GWE's builder's documentation.
> $700 Pickup only.
> W9TB desk kilowatt CW TX. PP 304TLs driven by single
> tube. CW only. Full-size desk has 2 receivers and
> control section built into it. Awesome construction.
> PS is not original to this rig and is unfinished.
> Includes much of the original builder's documentation.
> $750. Pickup only.
> Pickup items must be picked up in Pittsburgh, PA.
> Thanks for looking. 
> 73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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