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    You obviously have too much time on your hands;>)
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In response to Dave's request for documentation on his
Inca transformers from the 1920s-30s, researchers on
the AM Radio Reflector have been pursuing the matter

WE CAN NOW REPORT that an ancient image has appeared
during this pursuit, suggesting a cryptic reference to
the gold laminates discussed previously here.


This is unmistakable proof that our man Dave may
indeed have quite a treasure.

Our researcher is a man who would identify himself
only as "Tom" in respect of historic hex activity cast
upon those who dare challenge the fate of the "Inca
Iron" as it's known in smug circles among those in the

But we can reveal that he's with the Norris Institute
of Transformers, Wierdstuff, Intelligence and
Teaching, and believes the fate of the transformers
may determine the economic balance in the western

"This ain't no ebay auction," he cried as he pondered
whether Dave may sell out.

Submitted for consideration.


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