[AMRadio] Inca Transformers - Documentation

NU4G r390a at bellsouth.net
Tue Sep 6 11:42:15 EDT 2005

Actually, you're closer than you think. The pic that was posted to  
the list was the modern "computer enhanced" image of the stone  
carving from the Secret Golden Temple where it was found. The image  
from the 1982 expedition can be found at
http://www.fernblatt.net/misc/inca_trans3.jpg .... The trouble is  
they can't find the the temple again because the city is once again  
lost. Pictures of the city have been printed on milk cartons  
worldwide in case it is once again spotted.


> So are you saying the elusive solid gold modulation transformer was  
> made by
> Inca?
> I have been searching for it at Dayton and other places for  
> decades, but so
> far, nothing.
    They were sold by QuipuTronix - out of Macho Peekoo, Indiana.  
Rep's name
was I. M. Andies, but I think that some Spanish company tried to take  
over some years back, and the whole outfit floundered and failed.

   I could be Very Wrong, however.

Cheers and a relaxing Labor Day Weekend to all!


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