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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Sep 13 15:29:47 EDT 2005

For Sale. Shipping additional.
National 7180B doghouse power supply for the receiver. This is a 1929-vintage B-eliminator made by National radio. The first of the "doghouse" power supplies. It's in very good or excellent looking condition but untested. Tube line-up is 1-80. $125
Homebrew #10 Hartley Transmitter. Built from plans in the 1931 ARRL Handbook. Looks exactly like RX pictured in book. Using single #10 tube and 2 plug-in coils. Breadboard-style. This was built as a nostalgia project using period components. It's in perfect working condition. Tube line-up is 1-10. $125
Homebrew power supply for the Hartley. This is a breadboard supply using a 1930's Thordarson transformer and 2 large, square 1930's caps, one of which has split open. There is a socket for 1 4-pin rectifier. But it had no tube in it when I got it and I have never run this supply. As-is. Needs cleaned up. Board used for breadboard is unfinished and not great.  $65
1930's brown bakelite T/R switch. This is the fancy, humpback-style knife-switch with the big, square knob in excellent working condition. $30
Meissner Signal Shifter EX--rackmount version. The rack panel was a separate option and is seldom seen. Looks great. Working. $175
Multi-Elmac AF-67 Transmitter s/n 6070 with matching Model M-1470 AC/DC power supply s/n 121. Truly excellent cosmetic condition. The front panel looks brand new and the cabinet is almost as good. The power supply is also clean and excellent. The tube line-up is 1-6AK6 , 1-6BJ6, 1-6AG5, 1-6AQ5, 1-6146 final, 1-6AU6, 1-12AU7, 1-OB2, 2-5881 Modulators and             2-#44 Pilot Lamps. Untested and as-is. $200

Homebrew Single Signal Superhet Receiver (with circuits from the 1935 ARRL Handbook). This is a 1930's-vintage homebrew shortwave or ham bands superhet receiver. This seems to be made from plans in the 1935 ARRL Handbook with modifications. It is beautifully made with all the typical parts and construction practices of the day. It has a thin tin chassis with reinforced corners and wooden front panel. It uses 3 plug-in coils per band, one 4-pin and 2 6-pin on typical Hammarlund receiving coil forms. One coil set is included with the radio. No cabinet. Untested and as-is. No restoration has been done. The tube line-up is 5-58, 1-2A5, 1-80, 1-56 and 1-41. $175. 

Millen 90932  Monitor Oscilloscope s/n 71. This is a 1950's vintage AM monitor 'scope. Small and nice except for cabinet top which has peeled paint with rust underneath. Front panel and rest of cabinet is excellent. Untested and as-is. $110

Millen 90903 rackmount oscilloscope. This is a 1950's vintage AM monitor 'scope. Small and rackmount. The black wrinkle is in nice shape. Untested and as-is. $100

Silvertone 5656A (8A) Amateur Communication Receiver. This is a 1936-vintage superhet with mechanical bandspread and BFO. "Sensitivity" control is variable inductor. Cover 550kc-18mc in 3 bands. It's in very good original cosmetic condition with one unoriginal hole on the front panel that has been filled via the epoxy method and repainted. Missing some top cover thumb nuts. Mostly re-capped and other restoration done 2/01. Working reasonably well on bands 1 and 3. The other band is weak. 
The AVC doesn't seem very effective. I did not check resistor values and did not replace caps in the coil cans. .With original manual.  The tube line-up is 1-6C5 Metal, 1-6C5 Glass, 1-6L7, 1-6Q7, 1-6F6 and 2-6K7. Other notes: The schematic is dated 8/36. The set has a huge 8" circular dial on the left and a fine-sounding 8" speaker on the right. The dial has a neat bezel and convex dial glass. Bandspread is mechanical and tuning works like a clock--the "second hand" is your bandspread and the combined "minute/hour hand" shows where you are in the band. The BFO is built around a metal 6C5 tube. Variable selectivity is provided by an iron-core coil linkage assembly that allows the core to be moved in and out of the coil. It has a 465kc IF and both IF and RF amps use 6K7 metal tubes. The local oscillator is a glass 6C5 tube that is enclosed in a 4-piece metal shield that looks like a coffin. The shield connects to a grounded pin on the base of the tube. The schematic refers to the mixer as a "translator" and the mixer tube is a 6L7 metal type. Detector duties and AVC chores are handled by a 6Q7 metal tube and AF output is provided by a single 6F6. The speaker is a Jensen 8" type with an 1800 ohm field winding. The set must have had a melt down at some point and a service man has replaced parts of a 6-section voltage divider (an ugly tapped-resistor thing) and the power transformer. He also replaced most of the capacitors. Unfortunately, he did this all in a very haywire fashion and it was quite a mess with long leads soldered to other long leads, electricians-taped joints and so forth. I re-capped the set completely with mylars and rationalized all the wiring. It rewarded my effort by coming right up and playing beautifully. $400

Stancor 60P transmitter. This is a 1940-vintage CW/AM transmitter designed for 80-10 meters. in very nice cosmetic condition. But I believe the two dials and the mic connector are not original. The dials are nice though. The mic connector is a mobile-style 3-pin unit. With manual copy and copy of page from Stancor Hannannual. The tube line-up is 1-HK 24 (same as 3C24, 1-RK60, 2-6L6M,  1-6SJ7, 1-6N7 and 1-5Z3. Nice looking rig. Gray panel with black cabinet. Electrically untested and as-is. Weighs maybe 60 pounds. $125

Homebrew crystal set with vertical coil and cats whisker on top. The size of a coffee mug. Very cute. $40

Heathkit IP-10 Isolation transformer. Handles 3-wire grounded gear. $45 with manual. Excellent, almost like new.

Multi-Elmac AF-68/PMR-8/M-1070 & mobile PS rig with all cables and manuals. Nice. Original Untested and as-is. $300

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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