[AMRadio] YO-100 Info Located

Chuck Kembring kembring at epix.net
Thu Sep 15 13:16:44 EDT 2005

	I thought it was the case since I did some work in my YO-100 and I do
recall using the manual information to troubleshoot and repair - Turns out I
had a LV regulator fail.
	Thank you for passing on the link for the F/T group.  I had no idea they
were still around.  I used to subscribe via snail mail in the early years
when Milt Lowens (I believe founder) was still around and VERY active.  I
put it in my Favorites for future reference....
	I was digging out my schematic to scan for your needs - I'm glad you got
what you needed....
Good Luck,
Chuck	WB3LGG
Cochranville, Pa.

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Turns out my manual copy is incomplete.  For those
like me who need the WHOLE manual and some additional
useful information, try:    www.foxtango.org

73 de Dave, W4QCU

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