[AMRadio] The zeal to eliminate AM mode on the amateur bands.

Dave Harmon K6XYZ at valornet.com
Sun Sep 18 13:14:50 EDT 2005

Probably because they want more spectrum to run their wideband SSB rigs
that they think sounds as good as AM.


Dave Harmon
Broken Arrow, Ok.

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Having only been active on AM mode for just two short years, I consider
myself to still be a newbie, still not understanding the zeal and
fervor by some in the amateur community to eliminate or totally outlaw
the use of AM mode transmissions in the MF/HF amateur bands in the USA.

...As quoted by one person "like using spark-gap".

I look at AM communications as just one of the earlier modes, something
to be preserved, not cast aside.

Could someone more familiar with the issue please give me a better
understanding of why these people are so intent to get rid of this

Mark Cobbeldick, KB4CVN
Monroe, VA

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