[AMRadio] The zeal to eliminate AM mode on the amateur bands.

Bob Bruhns bbruhns at erols.com
Sun Sep 18 18:39:01 EDT 2005

It's because a lot of people in authority are
control freaks.  Control was the reason they went
after authority in the first place, and they
consider it to be the proper reward for their

AMers have long been mavericks, often behaving a
bit wildly and holding unusual opinions, and above
all being highly visible and audible on the bands.
Guys with sideband gear didn't like the whistles
and the sibilent splash, and control freaks went
nuts wanting to rein in the independent and
outspoken AMers.

SWLs would tune the bands, but sidebanders sounded
like Donald Duck, so the AMers were the ones the
SWLs listened to.  The control freaks sure didn't
like that!

So it went for many years.  The sideband guys are
still opposed to AM, and the control freaks still
want control.  There is not enough real activity
on the bands to justify any conflict, but the
control freaks still want control, and their
failure to establish that control has made them
really angry.  Hence the zeal to eliminate AM.

   Bacon, WA3WDR

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on the
amateur bands.

> Having only been active on AM mode for just two
years, I consider
> myself to still be a newbie, still not
the zeal and
> fervor by some in the amateur community to
or totally outlaw
> the use of AM mode transmissions in the MF/HF
bands in the USA.
> ...As quoted by one person "like using
> I look at AM communications as just one of the
earlier modes, something
> to be preserved, not cast aside.
> Could someone more familiar with the issue
give me a better
> understanding of why these people are so intent
get rid of this
> mode?
> 73,
> Mark Cobbeldick, KB4CVN
> Monroe, VA
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