[AMRadio] The zeal to eliminate AM mode on the amateur bands.

John Coleman ARS WA5BXO wa5bxo2005 at pctechref.com
Sun Sep 18 20:35:13 EDT 2005

	Yes, it's true to some extent, for some it may be a hobby as you
described but for a lot of us it is some thing that we look forward to
spending a lot of time with and has become a very major part of our
lives and our families lives, some times to the dismay of others in the
family.  I am very fortunate to have the support of my wife in these ham
radio things.  She used to like to travel with me to meet the other
people but now days all we have time for is rearing kids and doing scout
activities.  That's not a bad thing, but we do look forward to the
future of not being locked down so much.  Of course with the fuel cost
the way it is, we may not do a lot of traveling to meet others in the

John, WA5BXO

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As bad as any of the mentioned groups are on AM ...and in fact amateur
radio in general is the increasing difficulty of putting up a HF
ANY HF antenna.
I am going through a lot of trouble to find a place to buy that will
allow anything at all.
Yes, I know that I may have to have a home built but I really don't want
to mess around with contractors.
You would think in all the millions of acres of nothing around here that
hamming would be easy......wrong.
One more thing.....a hobby is something you do if you are totally bored
and have absolutely nothing else to do.
I think most hams and especially everyone on this list that this is not
a hobby.
I don't know what the hell it is but it is not a hobby.


Dave Harmon
Broken Arrow, Ok.

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