[AMRadio] Drying out HV transformers / Chokes

Rev. Don Sanders innatehealing at bigplanet.com
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Build your amp with remote tuning and leave it in the garage with the
control console in the shack. Stepper motors like used with the small loop
antennas would work very well.
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                          DON W4BWS
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> the drivers seat. A BC-610 transformer flying through the air is not
> easily
> stopped!

It is equally difficult to start.  I purchased one at a flea market
and it took three people to get it into my motor home.  When I got
home I had to do it alone and it is still sitting just inside...about
2" to spare...the garage door.

I have designed a carrier for it that I am making out of a file
cabinet set of casters.  BUT  the shack is up stairs.  So I am
thinking it will be easier to move the shack down to the garage and
build the linear around the transformer than to try to get it

Jim Isbell
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you are just taking up too much space."
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