[AMRadio] Drying out HV transformers / Chokes

Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Sun Sep 18 23:07:13 EDT 2005

>I'm sure may be too simplistic to work but.....
>why not put the xformer in the trunk of a
>car and leave it there, outside in the sun, for
>a week or month.   Here in KY that works for
>most everything.  I've dried apples this way ;-)
>Joe  N4NAS

>Mike Dorworth,K4XM wrote:
Hey Joe, that's 140 degrees F without the thermostat being necessary!. Great

Jim candela wrote:

>Hmmm, been most interesting. If I tried this with my 1999 Dodge Stratus, and
>my open frame BC-610 transformer, two things would occur:
>1.) rust since my trunk seal leaks
>2.) my gas mileage will suffer noticeably as well as car handling
>and maybe,
>3.) If I get into an accident, the dang thing might smash me where I sit in
>the drivers seat. A BC-610 transformer flying through the air is not easily

Jim, pay attention to the geography..

He said 'in Kentucky'.   That's where your home has more wheels than 
your car, but your TRUCK runs just -fine!-


Just kidding, folks...    
Ya can't blame a guy for trying to get a smile around here.. besides, 
those lines have worked well for Jeff Foxworthy for YEARS!  :-)

73 = Best Regards,

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