[AMRadio] RE: Eliminate AM!

Bob Scupp wb5yyx at uphi.net
Mon Sep 19 08:26:26 EDT 2005

Blank"AM is gaining in popularity like crazy..Just look at
the prices some of the great old AM rig command on
ebay...It will never go away..After all it's 
called....Angel Music......Long Live AM..73's Ron

Ron and All-

I agree that there has been a significant increase in
the interest of AM/classic amateur
equipment/accessories in recent years! I myself
collect and restore antique radios/classic amateur
radio equipment/accessories. Amateurs are beginning to
realize that not only does AM have superior quality,
but the equipment and accessories are a sound
investment! AM and CW are the earliest forms of
amateur communications and part of our historical
tradition. This besides the fact that having the
classic discrete parts layout in a chassis makes it
more user friendly to repair and maintain. AM like CW
will be around for years to come! Even on the amateur
bands. The ARRL I believe recognizes these facts in
their regulation by bandwidth petition they are
drafting. I have spoken to our ARRL Rocky Mountain
Division Director and Vice-Director about this. Most
recently at the Duke City Hamfest late August last
month in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They support
retention of the wider bandwidths such as AM.

Best 73's.

Bob Scupp K5SEP
Kilowatt Five Sporadic E Propagation

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