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This is an interesting thread and I guess I just had to throw my two cents in.

The SSB vs AM wars have been going on since the 50's, perhaps mostly because of the incompatibility of the two modes.  The SSBers complain about bandwidth and carriers of the AM stations and the AMers complain about the Quack Quack
from SSB.  This may never ever be resolved as long as we are both trying to compete for the same space on the bands.  It does certainly help, however, to have some sort of mutual respect and tolerance for each other.  After all, we are all hams!!  This is why the idea for the AM window(s) really came into play.  The problem is that as long as the windows are not respected as being a haven for AM operations, they are worthless as far as preventing interference from SSB or other modes.  And....we all know that the AM windows are certainly not respected by many, if any SSBers.

It is interesting to note that the ranks of AMers are filled with many very knowledgable and talented individuals who are interested in AM because it just sounds better than SSB.  There are also many individuals who enjoy the mode for the nostalgia aspects, including collecting, restoring , and operating vintage tube-type gear.  Many of these folks were first licensed during the time when AM was the most prevelant mode on the phone bands.  They really enjoy stepping back in time a little and enjoying the relaxed, laid back operating style that is associated with AM.

Anyway, I believe that AM and its associated specialties which include the nostalgia aspects are a great and enduring part of the hobby that should be encouraged and preserved.  Would you throw away a '57 Chevy just because it is not the latest technology?  Why, then would anyone want to dispose of  or eliminate vintage gear and/or technology on the ham bands?  We take up a very small percentage of the total available bandwidth and we actively enjoy and preserve the heritage and rich history of the hobby.

There is really room for all of us!  The diversity is great and it is one of the things that makes ham radio such a great hobby.  There are so many different aspects of the hobby under one umbrella.  Long Live AM!!

73,  Jack, W9GT
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> Blank"AM is gaining in popularity like crazy..Just look at 
> the prices some of the great old AM rig command on 
> ebay...It will never go away..After all it's 
> called....Angel Music......Long Live AM..73's Ron 
> W6MAU" 
> Ron and All- 
> I agree that there has been a significant increase in 
> the interest of AM/classic amateur 
> equipment/accessories in recent years! I myself 
> collect and restore antique radios/classic amateur 
> radio equipment/accessories. Amateurs are beginning to 
> realize that not only does AM have superior quality, 
> but the equipment and accessories are a sound 
> investment! AM and CW are the earliest forms of 
> amateur communications and part of our historical 
> tradition. This besides the fact that having the 
> classic discrete parts layout in a chassis makes it 
> more user friendly to repair and maintain. AM like CW 
> will be around for years to come! Even on the amateur 
> bands. The ARRL I believe recognizes these facts in 
> their regulation by bandwidth petition they are 
> drafting. I have spoken to our ARRL Rocky Mountain 
> Division Director and Vice-Director about this. Most 
> recently at the Duke City Hamfest late August last 
> month in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They support 
> retention of the wider bandwidths such as AM. 
> Best 73's. 
> Bob Scupp K5SEP 
> Kilowatt Five Sporadic E Propagation 
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