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charles free mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 19 16:57:46 EDT 2005

Hello all,

One of the postings on the conflict of AM on the ham
bands mentioned observing the AM windows.  Well, as
far as I know, the only folks who actually maintain
and disseminate this list of freqs, labeled "The
Considerate Operators Frequency Guide", is the ARRL. 
They print it once or twice a year in QST.  

Since the vast majority of hams don't belong to the
ARRL, for the most part they will be ignorant of this
list.  And not just the AM windows.  How about QRP
calling freqs?  Did you know there was a QRP SSB
calling freq?  All the DX windows seem to be news to
many also.  And the total disregard for any kind of
gentleman's agreement on 160 is a harbinger of things
to come on all the bands when CW is gone as a test

My local ARRL reps, as noted in other postings from
various parts of the country, have also verified that
the ARRL has no intention of banning or supporting a
ban of AM, by any means.  I have noted on other sites
that run comments, many times the most vocal anti-ARRL
folk, have got their idea of the ARRL positions
completely wrong.  All I can go by is what I get from
my Section MGR, and even emails answered by the lofty
few in Newington.  There are a lot of boat anchor
folks out there, and as has been noted on this site,
the numbers are increasing.  Why would an organization
go out of its way to alienate such a large group? 
Especially when the BA community in percentage terms
are probably ARRL members in greater numbers.

73 de W4MEC, Charlie in NC

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