[AMRadio] Drying out HV transformers / Chokes

Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Mon Sep 19 17:50:22 EDT 2005

GBrown wrote:

>Speaking of HV trannys for the BC-610. I have one with a shorted secondary.
>My plans are to rewind this hunk of iron and turn the primary into a dual
>voltage, 115/230. This tranny is from the "E" model. Would I have anyone out
>there that mite be interested? Also, the transformer has those big beautiful
>cast endbells.

interested... in....?

rewinding it?
Buying it?
rewinding and retapping it for dual primaries?

ya gotta talk a bit clearer than that, to communicate ;-)

73 = Best Regards,

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