[AMRadio] RE: AM Window and the Survival of AM

Bob Scupp wb5yyx at uphi.net
Tue Sep 20 10:14:21 EDT 2005

BlankPete, Jack, Darrell, Donald and All-

"Well, I must be mellowing. I have to agree with Paul. Constraining AM QSO's 
to an imaginary window (since for the most part, only AM'ers really 
acknowledge that it exists) can be counterproductive. Unless you like 6, 8, 
10, 14 member roundtables,  grab the receiver tuning knob and find a vacant 
spot elsewhere on the dial and then move the VFO dial there. I have called 
CQ numerous times on AM, out of the imaginary window, and have been answered 
by AM'ers. Many times I get answered by SSB'ers who don't realize I'm on AM, 
and after telling them so, they press that AM button their transceiver, and 
we have a great QSO. Some even comment that this was the first time they 
tried that button. It always winds up being an enjoyable experience for both 
sides and we get to spread the super sound of AM."

Pete, wa2cwa

First I wish to thank those like Darrell and Donald for posting the 
historical background on this issue. I first got my Novice ticket in 
September, 1967 as WN2CXS in Passaic, New Jersey. My second transmitter as 
an upgrade to General Class as WA2CXS was an E.F. Johnson Viking II with 
matching external VFO in 1968.  remember the enjoyment of working AM on 40 
and 75 meters back then. It was truly a blast!

I believe as Pete and others have mentioned in one form or another that our 
flexibility in our operating practices on AM is utmost important. While our 
main objective is to enjoy Amateur Radio, it's survival for the future has 
become extremely important. While there have been many disagreements in the 
past between different operating modes, it should not distract us from those 
such as BPL and commercial interests who want to interfere and/or buy us out 
of what we are licensed for and use. This has been a concern of mine for a 
long time and even more so ever today.

I am very proud and honored to be a participant in this AMRadio group! I 
will post and assist in anyway I can.

Best 73's,

Kilowatt Five Sporadic E Propagation

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