[AMRadio] RE: AM Window and the Survival of AM

Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Tue Sep 20 16:13:33 EDT 2005

Brian Sherrod wrote:

>(See original text by John Coleman below)
>VERY good John.  Your words hit home for me even though I've not been around quite as
>long as you.  Sorry OM!  You gave it away when you mentioned the 1950's TV set.
>However I DO remember the TV man coming to fix the 1960's set right in our house.  I
>sat right there on the floor with him and watched intensely wondering how all this
>"stuff" made the pictures and sounds come in as they did.  I will also never forget
>the "smell" coming from inside the opened up TV with the tubes hot and dust cooking
>on the resistors.  Not long after all my questions about how this stuff worked, my
>father came home with a used Hallicrafters S-38 so I could listen to the SW stations
>coming in from all over the world.  My older brother and father setup a long wire
>antenna outside and the rest is history.  I was forever hooked...
>BTW, one Ham your list did not have that I noted right away was W5PYT, "Ozona Bob".
>He made some real long "old buzzards", but nevertheless was very captivating to me
>and a good friend.
>Others I can mention who are now gone are; K5NYT Gene, W0BVA Mike,  Paul in NM (can't
>remember his call), and I'm sure I'm forgetting some...  Oh and whatever happened to
>"Sulphur John"?  I haven't heard from him in many years.

Sorry to inform you, Brian (and anyone else who didn't know) but Sulphur 
John/WD5EHS became a silent key, back in the early to mid 90's.

I'm sure that Ozona Bob was around, but probably up on 10, 20 and 160m 
mostly.  Back in the 'old' days, I have fond memories when I was a kid, 
watching dad work stations like K5SWK, K5OCW, W5BCD, W5TMI, W5HVU, 
W5HQJ, K5MOF, K5HLP, K5DKM, W5FAO, W5FAP (who, by the way, is still 
alive, and Alton will be 99 years old, the first or second weed of 
October) and many, many more.  But, those were pretty much back then, 
strictly 40m operators.  Later, Otis and a couple of others moved ot 
75m, and dad never left 40.

All in all, I think John's point was, that since he got his ticket at 
the ripe old age of 15, in 1963, those were the hams that were known to 
him, and he to them, because they all pretty much lived relativly close 
to each other.

On my personal list of mentors and elmers, I would proudly include 
WA5BXO, right after W5OMR (my Dad). 

After all, John did engineer one of the best AM rigs I think I've ever 
been witness to...
a pair of 304TH's modulated by (4) 813's in push-pull parallel. (pre-1991)

The 813's are still in use, although running a business, raising kids 
and keeping the wife happy preclude much amatuer time (I'm saddened to say)

73 = Best Regards,

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