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General Radio "Handbook of Voltage Control With The Variac  Autotransformer." 
This little treasure is a reprint photocopy of a 40-page  booklet published 
in 1963 by General Radio Company which "designed, patented,  introduced and 
manufactured" the Variac sometime around 1933. It is in an 8.5 x  x11 format. The 
booklet contains 12 pages on Theory and Principles, 19 pages on  circuits 
using Variacs and 8 pages on specific Variac applications. All the GR  Variac 
models are discussed in detail including connection diagrams and so  forth. One 
section shows how to use Variacs in series and parallel applications  (with the 
use of a choke to prevent current oscillation when the 2 Variacs'  brushes 
are not perfectly synchronized). Motor-driven Variacs are also  discussed. In 
short, this may be all you ever wanted to know (and then some)  about the mighty 
Variac. $10.50 PPD. Five copies left out of  25.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT

Hi Don,
Does this book have any info on the 1582A motor driven variac?

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