[AMRadio] Drying iron

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 20 21:03:30 EDT 2005

, you could put a plywood or polyethylene sheet tent around it, and heat it 
with a radiant heater of any type. All you need is 120 deg F or so for so 
many days.

I would think you would need something porous or ventilated.  Even if you 
heat it, but it is surrounded with impermeable material such as plastic 
sheet, all you are doing is heating the moisture inside the transformer, and 
it will re-condens when cooled.  In needs to be able to evarorate, and that 
requires a low humidity environment.

Gas ovens are not satisfactory for this purpose, either, because water is a 
natural by-product of the combustion of natural gas and propane.  An 
electric stove oven works well.

Don k4kyv

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