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Mark Cobbeldick [KB4CVN] kb4cvn at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 20 22:00:17 EDT 2005

Hi Bob,
Very good point about the SWL's listening to AM phone ham
transmissions.  I was one...

Back in the early 1960's, I wanted to listen to 2 MHz marine radio
traffic.  Not having enough funds to purchase a multi-band radio, I
found an old tube AM Broadcast receiver, and modified it to listen to
the 2000 to 3000 kHz band.  A couple of hundred feet of wire up in some
pine trees and a ground on our well casing pipe, I was in business!

There was a bit of lower overlap below 2000 kHz.  (As a kid, I did not
even realize that there was ham band down there.)   But was thrilled to
hear ham QSO's on 160 meters.

This lead to an interest in electronics at a tender age.  (I did not
get my novice ticket until I got out of the army, and returned home to
Miami.)  Now I work for a large two-way radio manufacturer in Virginia
as a technical support engineer.  (AKA: a cross between Mr. Goodwrench
and Dr. Phil!)

All the two-way stuff now is basically a computer with a dsp board and
an antenna jack!  :o\  

The other day, I got several 'newly minted' 20'ish engineers VERY
stirred-up after working for hours on a tricky problem.  I told them: 


They were not amused...

After working on this newer stuff all day long, I sure don't want to
look at it when home.  My ham YL agrees.  So I tinker with older gear. 
Easier to work on.  Plus, SSB was always too darn hard on the ol ears. 
I now convert older AM Phone 2-3 MHz marine radios over to 160  & 75
meters.  Four xtal controlled channels, and I am ready to roll.

Mark Cobbeldick, KB4CVN  (Ex: C6AMC)
Monroe, VA

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SWLs would tune the bands, but sidebanders sounded like Donald Duck, so
the AMers were the ones the SWLs listened to.  The control freaks sure
didn't like that!

   Bacon, WA3WDR

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