[AMRadio] Double Bazooka Antennas

Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Wed Sep 21 07:22:44 EDT 2005

Geoff wrote:

> bcarling at cfl.rr.com wrote:
>>> Already at 120' long, adding another 120' meant a 240' loop of wire, 
>>> fed wtih 60' of 450 ohm ladder line, and using a Heathkit 2060 
>>> impedance matching device.  I don't think I'll ever go back to a 
>>> 'regular' dipole, again.
>> So basically it sounds like you had one element of a cubical quad...
>> No wonder it did well!!
> DOES well ;-)  (I should be on the air, right now in fact.  And will 
> be, when I get through with this message)
> As it's been explained to me, a 'loop' is basically a folded-dipole 
> that's been pulled apart.
> Quad elements, Bry, by virtue of their name, have -4- sides (Quad = 
> 4)  Delta is more of a Triangle shaped creature (Tri = 3).
> So, this three sided antenna is apex'ed at around 60', and the feed 
> line is along a sloping element.  Works wonderfully well.

In fact, I just got off the air, w/W5SUM, WA5CMI, WB5WUX, W0XV, W5LJ, 
KG4UVU, W5OLI and maybe some others but I don't recall the calls.

Good signals on 75m this morning.  We try to do this in the early 
morning hours starting around 4am, because there's less SSB activity on 
the band, conditions are great for long-haul stuff and it just works for 
us.  Besides that, most of the neighbors aren't up at 4am using whatever 
electronic device that acts improperly as a radio receiver :-)

Where do we do this?  Around 3.885Mc  ERAM (Early Riser AM)

73 = Best Regards,

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