[AMRadio] Re: SWL'ers and AM

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 09:57:27 EDT 2005

On 9/20/05, Mark Cobbeldick [KB4CVN] <kb4cvn at yahoo.com> wrote:

> After working on this newer stuff all day long, I sure don't want to
> look at it when home.  My ham YL agrees.  So I tinker with older gear.
> Easier to work on.  Plus, SSB was always too darn hard on the ol ears.
> I now convert older AM Phone 2-3 MHz marine radios over to 160  & 75
> meters.  Four xtal controlled channels, and I am ready to roll.

The other thing to consider, one of the most excellent points IMHO:
you can still get virtually anything you need to repair or maintain
old tube gear. You can get tubes, caps, resistors, you can even get
transformers rewound if needed. But look out on your ten year old
Yaecomwood when something takes out the firmware...

I. too, was attracted to amateur radio by listening to AMers on an old
Philco floor console that my dad had in the attic. In my earliest
adventures, I managed to scrounge 2 missing tubes from another Philco
table radio he had up there too that worked but had the frying pan
sound going on. Just as well, it didn't have SW bands. I still recall
one was a 6F6G and the other was a.....7C6 lock pin type? Both radios
are still in my possession, too!

What a hoot, listening not only to the AMers but to aircraft, ships at
sea, and stations like Radio Havana, Radio Moscow, and the Voice of
America. Countless hours spent day and night, tuning around the first
of many dials to come.

Is it any wonder that we can't attract younger people to radio today
when the push seems to be to make it more like the internet and less
like 'radio'?

de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ

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