[AMRadio] Collins filter

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 22 16:27:25 EDT 2005

>I am looking for the 6.0khz  filter..Pt #  F-455-J60.. for the Collins 75A4
>Reciever...Tnx Ron W6MAU

Lots of luck.  The trophy collectors have driven the price beyond what one 
used to pay for an entire 75A4.  You can buy a reproduction filter, built 
around a modern Rockwell mechanical filter, with identical or better 
characteristics than the original one, for about $200.  See the ad in 
Electric Radio.  I bought one of those, and have an original 75A4 AM filter 
in my other receiver.  To test them out I put both filters in the same 
receiver, and couldn't tell any difference whatever when I switched between 

Don k4kyv

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