[AMRadio] Pi-Net vs Link Couple

James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
Sat Sep 24 12:17:14 EDT 2005

Actually, it isn't difficult if you follow the instructions in the BC610
manual. First the tuning unit for 6 - 8 Mhz is used and also the Plate
coil (with swinging link) also 6-8 Mhz. Then disconnect the output leads
from the transmitter. Turn on the filaments, make sure the plate HV is
off set excitation meter to PA grid, set exciter plate sw to on. Adjust
the tuning unit controls to resonance at 7 Mhz, then tune the RF PA
tuning control slowly to get a resonance indication. If neutralization
is faulty, resonance is indicated by a sharp dip in the reading of the
PA grid current reading. Adjust the neutralizing cap until there is
little or no dip in the grid current meter at resonance. when this is
properly neutralized the dip will NOT exceed 3 MA. That's all one time
does it for all bands Except 160 meters.

Donald Chester wrote:
> >I see the BC610 DOES do triode link coupled output...bet it's a bit tricky
> >to neutralize, then you would have to set up each band coil?
> >
> >I never had a BC610, was it a pain to neutralize on each band?
> Just neutralise it properly for the highest frequency band you intend to
> operate.  The setting should hold for all the other bands.
> Don K4KYV
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