[AMRadio] RCA BTA-1R available in near Cleveland - will trade

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Sun Sep 25 20:50:28 EDT 2005


How big is the broadcast rig?  I have a KW mod xfmr from a Bauer 707 and 
lots of parts.  Might also have some plate iron, but not sure what you need 
there.  The Bauer mod iron was for 4-400s by 4-400s.

Do you have dimensions, pictures, info on RCA rig??  I really want a BC 
xmtr, but I don't know where I'm going to put it.  It would probably start 
out in the garage.

73,  Jack, W9GT
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Subject: [AMRadio] RCA BTA-1R available in near Cleveland - will trade 
foriron & parts

> Guys,
>   I recently acquired a GPT-750. It is lacking a modulator.
>   Rather than slaughtering the 1R1 for the modulator, I will offer it up 
> in
> trade for ALL the parts necessary for me to build a modulator utilizing PP
> 4-400s . I wll also need a beefier single phase plate transformer from an 
> old
> BC xmtr.
>    I suppose I could also pull the parts out of the 1R1 and let it go to 
> who
> ever wants the carcass - but I would rather keep it together for someone 
> to
> use.
>   If you have the spare parts but want a whole BC xmtr and are within a
> driving range you are comfortable with this might work for you.
>   Please contact me off the list.
>   TNX
>   de KA4JVY
>   Mark
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