[AMRadio] Mod Transformer Available

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 27 13:12:41 EDT 2005

>The ratings are 5500 primary 1.14 KVA, and 5500 secondary
>198 Amp DC.
>I don't know what you mean by don't add up! The discussion
>was pertaining to the use of this particular transformer, in
>conjunction with a specific set of tubes, and RF stage.
>What doesn't add up?

The stated ratings of the transformer.  1.14 kva means it is rated for about 
a kw of audio (theoretically 1140 watts with perfert power factor)  just 
call it a kw to account for some inevitable phase shift.  That means it 
should be designed to modulate 2 kw DC input.  But with the current rating 
of .198 amps, to get 2 kw DC input, you would need 10,101 volts on the 
plate.  The rated load impedance is 5500Ω.  10 kv @ 198 mills is 


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