[AMRadio] GG 813 Linear in GE Ham News

doxemf at aol.com doxemf at aol.com
Wed Sep 28 01:25:23 EDT 2005

Hello All,
The thread on final circuits has been great to follow especially with the mention of 813's.
It is still a very cost effective tube and in good supply NOS since the audio crowd has yet to make much use of them.
  I have a copy of GE Ham News from Nov-Dec 1959 that features a "Kilowatt Grounded-Grid Linear Amplifier" to quote the cover.
  It uses a pair of 813s GG with a standard Pi Net output configuration 5 band switched 80 -10 mtrs.
Looks real easy to build and with the exception of the B&W filament choke FC-15, I have most of the needed parts or 
can find them. The construction article is well documented and pictured.
  Is anyone is familiar with this amplifier or better yet knows of one being built? If 160 meters would be easy to extend to with more L & C where needed then it would work well for anyone with a good drive source.
For those that do not have the Ham News Issue I can scan a copy and e-mail it.
Thanks for any info,
Bill  KB3DKS/1

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